Very small Vastu home – King’s Cabin

This beautiful very small house in Iowa, USA, was inaugurated on June 1, 2017. One of the owners shared her experience: “We are SO enjoying living in Vastu. I have been involved in the construction of three homes I’ve lived in and this is my first Vastu. What a difference! Right away I felt a […] Read more

Beautiful Cape Cod home and the stages of building

Beautiful Cape Cod home and Celebrating the Stages of BuildingWe are all familiar with the tradition of acknowledging certain significant points in the building process. How often have we seen a photo of a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new school, or a photo of various officials with a shovel taking turns digging a ceremonial […] Read more

Modern, eco friendly Maharishi Vastu home in New Zealand

This modern Maharishi Vastu home in South Auckland is home to Peta and Joe Davy and their two sons. The home incorporates many eco friendly features encouraged by Maharishi Vastu such as natural, non-toxic materials, good solar gain, natural ventilation and solar power. “At its northern end, it overlooks the green hillocks of the Lost […] Read more