The Meissner Effect

An Insight into Why Maharishi Vastu Buildings Create an Influence of Invincibility

The Meissner effect is a phenomenon in quantum physics. It identifies that the ability of a system to resist disorder is based on the coherent, collective functioning of its parts. The Meissner effect parallels how Maharishi Vastu buildings provide a coherent and protective environment. They are designed to allow all of the parts to coherently function with each other as well as with the whole structure. This coherence has two primary effects. It generates order, harmony, and good fortune for its occupants. It also protects them by resisting the penetration of harmful and negative influences.

Meissner Effect

An Example of Invincibility in the Quantum Physics of Superconductivity

Ordinary Conductor

In an ordinary electrical conductor, incoherent, disordered electrons allow penetration by an external magnetic field.

Ordinary Conductor

In a superconductor, coherent collective functioning of the electrons spontaneously excludes an external magnetic field, and maintains impenetrable status.

Maharishi Vastu Effect

An Example of Invincibility through Fortune-Creating Homes

Ordinary Building

In an ordinary building, improper orientation, proportions, room placement, and building materials lead to inauspicious and harmful influences for its occupants.

Maharishi Vastu Building

The internal orderly structure of a Maharishi Vastu building prohibits negative influences from penetrating the building. It also allows for an individual’s self-repair mechanism to function in a healthy and undiminished manner.

The Meissner effect also has a direct correspondence in planned Maharishi Vedic communities. In such cities all buildings are Maharishi Vastu structures. The roads run north/south and east/west, aligned with the cosmic forces, and are organized around a central square. These design elements enrich city life with the evolutionary power of Natural Law, creating order, harmony, and coherence for all its residents.