"Upon moving into my first Fortune-Creating home I noticed I slept more soundly without waking up during the night. My thinking was clearer, and I made better choices in business and in my personal life. When I had to temporarily move out was when I really noticed a contrast: my sleep became worse again. I had less support and stayed up too late at night for no reason. The nurturing support, which Maharishi Vastu design provides, was gone.
A year later I was able to move back into a Maharishi Vastu home, and what a relief that was. Again my sleep immediately improved, as did my daily routine. My wealth grew with less effort, and my health also improved. The choices I made were better, and the quality of my life is much better. I will never move out of Vastu homes again."


"Many people ask us if we notice a difference living in Vastu. We always answer an emphatic β€œYes!” Our experience is that the walls of the home protect but do not restrict.
Everything seems to be in the right place, orderly and coherent. Cooking in the kitchen is effortless and a pleasure. Eating in the dining room is satisfying. Sleeping in the bedroom is refreshing and rejuvenating. The Brahmasthan radiates fullness and unification. We enjoy being at home and have no desire to always be going to some other place."


"Not only did we survive one major hurricane last year but a second, even worse event. Our Maharishi Vastu home survived a very dangerous and damaging storm once again. Vastu is safe and sound."
- Connecticut, USA