Building a Maharishi Vastu home

"Building a house, especially as an owner builder, can be daunting for a first-timer. But as soon as we acquired the land in Bridgetown, Mother Nature supported and within two days the perfect team of draftsman and tradesmen had come together, all inspired by the prospect of building a fortune-creating home. Working with MSV consultant Mike Lyons is always a joy. Mike's profound knowledge and insight into Maharishi's Vedic Science of Architecture and his great intelligence makes the task of designing and building a Vedic home blissful, easy and fun. Once the team in Bridgetown had learned to meditate, the level of nature support grew and all the normal problems and challenges that arise during building were quickly resolved. The result is a beautiful home, expertly drawn by Peter Thompson and finished with great precision by team leader Greg Tomkinson, that radiates silence, peace and bliss."

Peter Herman, Bridgetown, Western Australia

"Overall the planning and building process was pretty much hassle free - much easier than we had feared as amateurs in owner building!

We had moved from a very large house on seven acres of bush so we thought that we would always miss the old property. In fact we find that we love the new house so much that we would never think of moving anywhere else.

The house has such a feeling of peace and harmony. We are finding our whole life and relationships just seem to be happier and more peaceful.

It is just such a nice house to be in -- something that is commonly remarked on by visitors and the house has become a bit of a feature of the neighbourhood. The golden kalash on the roof fits in really well and does not come across as 'odd' which we thought it might."

Bob and Judy Jackson, Rammed Earth Maharishi Vastu home, Perth.

“Once I decided to build it was a really enjoyable process to design the house exactly as I wanted. Mike’s input both from a Sthapatya Veda point of view and from the practical level of the steps to take was invaluable. There were some delays and obstacles on the way but nothing that could not be overcome and on the whole the process went really smoothly. I started out with just the intention to build and a few ideas of how to make it happen but really not a lot behind me to begin with; what I did experience was quite incredible nature support in getting the land, the loan and a good builder. Since being in the house I feel lighter and more unbounded. I have lived in a lot of places and sometimes the house can feel like it weighs you down whereas this house feels like it lifts you up and supports you. Program in the meditation room is very blissful and it feels like you are doing group program. I have also noticed that I can act on and achieve my ideas and desires more quickly. Overall, there is less fatigue and more inner wakefulness. People that come to learn TM have very deep experiences straight away and enjoy coming back for their follow up and numbers for TM initiations and consultations have increased. I would encourage anyone to build their own Fortune-Creating Home and then anything else that you want to achieve will come more easily.”

Wendy, Maleny, Queensland

"A few years ago we were encouraged to leverage our meagre funds and borrow enough to build an educational facility to create National Invincibility for New Zealand. Maharishi had said that New Zealand could create enough coherence for the whole world to rise to Invincibility. Now you must understand that our funds were really meagre, so we wondered how we could respond to Maharishi’s suggestion. Somehow four years ago we went ahead and bought an acre of land in the southern alps of New Zealand. Then borrowed thirty thousand dollars from the bank to build a small one room cabin. We consulted Maharishi Vastu Architects and we built using natural materials according to the placement, proportions, timing, and entrances prescribed for maximum good fortune.

We enjoyed building it and we enjoyed living in our little cabin, but before too long we realised that we needed to move on to something bigger. So we reluctantly sold our cabin to a young man from the locality. We were much dismayed when he took possession of the house, moved in with crates of beer and packets of cigarettes and then somewhat brusquely wished us on our way.

Just this week, a year later, we visited our former cabin. The new owner rushed out to greet us. He was visibly changed, almost a different person. He looked healthy and happy. He waxed lyrical concerning the virtues of the little cabin. He recounted his experiences of support of Nature since moving in and the ease with which he had found ample work (in a time of recession). He told us that his circle of friends admire the cabin—last summer he had 18 friends come to stay with him at one time. He took us on a tour of the small property and wished that we would come back often.

Then we talked to the neighbours and found that the whole locality of the cabin was alive with harmony, building activity, and co-operation among neighbours. Remarkably everyone was beaming with happiness.

From this experience we fully appreciated what a powerful technology to transform the world Maharishi has given us. Every one of us can build a house in accord with Maharishi Vastu and transform their neighbourhood and ultimately our dear world. Maharishi Vastu Vidya—Vedic Architecture in accord with Natural Law—is just one of many Vedic technologies that Maharishi revived and restored during his lifetime to bring about the rise of a new age of enlightenment, health, happiness, and peace for all nations.

We can build Maharishi Vastu homes for ourselves of course, but we can also build to sell to others. Our experience shows that the healing and nourishing effect of Vastu is there even if the occupant does not fully appreciate the profound knowledge of Vastu. Fortunately in New Zealand many Governors and Sidhas have built in accord with Vastu or worked on projects to create coherence for the nation. Now we are able to follow in these footsteps since the sale price of the cabin will enable us to buy more acres where we hope to start an educational facility to bring permanent coherence to New Zealand and the world. We are so inspired by this experience that we want to encourage everyone everywhere to quickly build Vastu homes for sale to fulfill Maharishi’s vision of an invincible world family of nations."

Dr. Guy Hatchard, New Zealand

"We can begin today, the effect will be there whether anyone believes us or not. The world is going to be better and better and one day the best!"

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi