The Three Principles of Maharishi Vastu

1. Right Orientation or Direction

Maharishi Vastu stipulates that the entrance to the home should face east, because the energy from the sun is the greatest and most vital when rising, thus bringing greatest benefits to the health and vitality of the family. Southern entrances are inauspicious. According to Maharishi Vastu, a southern entrance (an entrance that faces south) is inauspicious and interferes with the support of Natural Law, bringing negative influences to the inhabitants of the building. Maharishi Vastu design recommends refraining from using any southern entrances to your home or office.

Orientation of Houses

Only 2 out of 8 directions produce auspicious, life-supporting results.

Buildings that face any direction other than due east or due north allow negative influences to affect the owner and inhabitants, as the diagram indicates. In the authentic records the effect of the other directions is clearly not auspicious. These hazards of architecture arise from violation of Natural Law.

They are further aggravated by similar effects from inauspicious qualities of the site caused by the direction of its slope, shape, environment, and placement of bodies of water (ponds, rivers, lakes) in and around the site and by many other factors, including inauspicious entrances to the village or city and distorted layout of roads. These violations of Natural Law accumulate day by day, year by year, in the lives of millions of people. They create social stress, which overshadows the fortunes of entire cities or nations. The unseen, abstract influence of Natural Law is very powerful.

For perfect health and good fortune, we should do everything we can to align ourselves with Natural Law.

Orientation Affects Human Brain Functioning

Scientific studies show that the neurons in our brain actually fire differently depending on what direction we are facing. There are also "place neurons" in the brain that signal our body's orientation in a room or environment. Thus, the way we face influences brain and body functioning.

The ancient knowledge of Maharishi Vastu goes much further. It describes how our spatial orientation influences our minds and bodies. When we live or work in buildings with improper orientation or proportion, the firing patterns of the neurons are reset in the wrong way. This can contribute to anxiety, illness, lack of creativity, failure in family and professional life, anti-social behaviour, and even criminal tendencies.

In particular, Maharishi Vastu clearly states that our brain functions optimally when our house is oriented toward the east, the direction of the morning sun.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Directions for Houses

From the eight possible directions, only two directions - East and North - produce auspicious influences. This means that in every existing city on Earth, at least 75% of buildings have inauspicious orientation. This means that at least 75% of all buildings contribute to ill health and all other problems in society. Such improper planning and construction of buildings must be corrected in order to prevent inauspicious effects.

There are many considerations that determine auspicious and inauspicious influence:

  • Orientation of buildings
  • Placement of rooms
  • Proportions and Vedic measurements
  • Slope of the land
  • Shape of the land
  • Unobstructured rising sun
  • Influence of the enviroment
  • Location of body of water

Research shows that patients living in homes with south entrances had significantly poorer health and more financial problems than patients with north or east entrances. Also, those who slept in beds with their head to the north suffered from significantly more depression and anxiety than those who slept in beds without this orientation. In addition, 75% more burglaries occurred in south-facing houses than in houses facing east, west or north.

It should be noted that the knowledge contained in Vedic Literature is far more complete, scientific, authentic, and reliable than modern scientific experiments, because modern scientific experiments, through their objective approach, can only account for physical, material values which do not and can not directly measure the more fundamental performance of intelligence on its own level - the level of Natural Law - where the holistic value of Natural law and the specific value of Natural Law function in unison.

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