Inspiring Possibilities for Maharishi Vastu Homes in Australia

“It is not the bricks and mortar, but how the bricks are laid out and how the front wall of the house is laid out, whether it is laid out properly north and south so that the main entrance of the house in the centre is facing east. This entrance of the house, facing east, is facing the source of life energy from the sun. East provides the rising sun, and the rising sun means life-giving rays of the dawning sun. It has a great influence when the sun enters the main room, the main entrance, of the house from the east. It is said in the ancient architecture, Vedic Architecture, that this is the best influence on the house.”

– Maharishi

Three thoughts for Vastu Home styles in Australia

Florida quality and permanence – Vero Beach Peace Palace

“Dr Eike Hartmann, Minister of Architecture for the Global Country of World Peace, recently visited Vastu homes in Florida that have been beautifully built by Richard Bialosky, AIA with solid blocks, mortar, and cast decorations such as entablatures, pediments and pillars. This was so inspiring that the Vastu team recommends to implement this more permanent style of construction in future developments in the USA.”

Maharishi Family Chat 20th November 2013

There are many non Vastu homes in Australia that exhibit the flare of the Vastu home below and we encourage potential owners, architects and builders to be bold and creative in designing Vastu homes. Maharishi Sthapatya Veda and Vastu Vidya can incorporate the principles of Natural Law into every design.

Glow of Vastu Home of the Raja of Denmark

We could imagine this home on an Australian rural property – particularly the timber construction, the verandahs and the sunset.

Photo by Bolette Landsfeldt

20K House project

If the budget is limited then it is still possible to experience the joys of living in Vastu. The low cost houses below are not Vastu homes however can easily be aligned to Vedic Architecture principles. Although this is a USA project there are Australian companies promoting the same concept. We have sent out several articles on smaller and affordable Vastu homes in the past. We have also designed many small villas and cabins which are available to MSV clients.

“For many people, the chance of owning their own house is very slim indeed. However, the 20K House project by Rural Studio, an off-campus design-build program of Auburn University, aims to tackle this, and make house ownership possible for more people with an attractive and safe modern property for just $20,000.”

For more details on the $20K houses see This link was forwarded to us by Vastu Coordinator Keith Valentine. For more information contact us