New Short Course Announcement: Fundamentals of Vāstu Living

For anyone interested in architecture, interiors, building and enhancing wellness through our built environment - this course is for you. You may have heard of Maharishi Sthāpatya Veda, Vāstu or Vedic Architecture before and would like to know more about how to apply this knowledge for your own benefit. Or you may just be curious to discover something new. All are welcome!

This comprehensive, 4-session seminar will be offered by Zoom. It includes newly recorded lessons by world experts in Maharishi Sthāpatya Veda: Dr Eike Hartmann, along with his daughter Lila-Maria Hartmann-Stein and Vāstu Architect and Engineer Hannu Siika-aho. Selected talks by Maharishi are presented and we will enjoy practical exercises and live discussion.

This course will be run by Australia's own Maharishi Vāstu Architecture Consultant, Claire Molyneux, who recently completed the postgraduate consultant training. Claire will lead discussions and Q&A throughout the course - and a very special feature is that Dr Eike Hartmann will connect with us live at the end of the 4th session to answer further questions from you.

Course details are as follows:

The power of Vāstu structured in Consciousness, Veda and the Unified Field, aligned with the global and cosmic structure and verified by neuroscience and geoscience.

Four basic types of houses and design principles of orientation, proportion and placement. Home owners reporting and quality of life studies on success, health and well-being.

with practical exercises, summary of our network of Peace Palaces around the world and the business report of Peace Palace Directors.

and an explanation of the procedures and steps of a Vāstu consultation for designing and building your own project. Live Q&A with Dr Eike Hartmann.

Course Cost: AUD88 including GST

For bookings and any queries please contact your course leader by email or by phone 0439 096 743