Married in Vastu Home, Melbourne, Australia

Rohin and Bec Clarke started married life in a highly auspicious and nourishing way by celebrating their marriage in their new Vastu home. Both the ceremony and the reception were held in the home and the support of Natural Law was evident as it was a joyous and happy event for all. The home accommodated around 110 guests and catering staff in the large dining, kitchen, living and entry area together with the verandahs on a warm sunny day. We believe this is the first wedding in a Maharishi Vastu Architecture home in Australia.

Located in the small town of Gisborne, which is around 50 kms northwest of Melbourne CBD, the Clarkes enjoy the renowned beautiful country environment and commute to Melbourne for work. The 1018m² lot in a new quality subdivision is a good size and the 246m² home including the verandahs has a feeling of spaciousness.

The house faces True North and enjoys the winter sun on the verandahs and through the large northern windows. A golf course on the western side presents a pleasant and relaxing view. The house stands on concrete stumps and a Timbercrete plinth approximately 1 metre above ground level. The walls are a Weathertex weatherboards and all the windows and doors have attractive red cedar timber surrounds. The verandah railings and steps are solid timber and the decking is merbau. The round turned support posts add to the inviting feel of the home. The Vastu fence has solid termite resistant cypress posts and the space between the Vastu fence and the house on the north and east has been filled with loose Lancefield 40mm white topping aggregate/stone. The driveway and path is compacted Lancefield 20mm white crushed stone.

The painted silver kalash sits on the silver zincalume roof as the crowning glory – the unique symbol of a Maharishi Vastu Home.

The east end of the house is open plan and includes the kitchen, entry hall, meditation room, the living and dining rooms. The west end consists of the master bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite, plus 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry. The passageways and doors to these rooms have been designed to provide privacy at all times and economically utilise the space available. The home has around 3 metre high ceilings (10 foot in old terms) and the living/dining area has a beautiful ‘celestorey window’ in the ceiling. The window is vertical and is built into the roof (see the group wedding photo below) which allows a significant amount of light to reach the central part of the house.

The kitchen is open to the dining area - the breakfast bar/servery and the kitchen cupboard benches have attractive granite tops.

The living area has tongue and groove polished floor boards.

Rohin and Bec put a considerable amount of thought into their house design and carried out extensive research into materials and products. They were very involved with the whole Vastu Architecture process from start to finish and applied all the recommendations to the best of their ability. We compliment them on their devotion to task of creating Heaven on Earth through the material structure of their home. As a young couple they have continued working energetically to finance the construction this wonderful home and they were also fortunate to receive some assistance from the Government’s first home owners grant scheme. Since moving in earlier this year they have enthusiastically continued with improvements to the home in addition to organising the wedding together with family and friends and then celebrating the big day in April this year. For more information contact us


Rohin and Bec for taking the giant evolutionary step of designing and building a Vastu home in accordance with Natural Law.


Rohin and Bec on your marriage and for having the wisdom to celebrate this great event with family and friends in the protective and supportive environment of a Vastu Home.

What an ideal way to commence life as a couple.

We all wish you eternal happiness.

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true." Maharishi