Maharishi School Expands Upward

The Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment in Melbourne has been progressing rapidly in recent years and future enrolments are increasing. The land space at the current site is fully utilised and although negotiations to secure additional adjoining land are underway progress has been slow. Accordingly, to accommodate the increasing number of students it was decided to put a second storey on the first Vastu building which was completed in 2005.

Original Vastu Building

The original building was designed to be transportable so that it could be relocated on new land if and when obtained. To put a second storey on this existing building was an ambitious and daunting task however Dr Larry Clarke and his assistants considered this was the only option at that point in time and they commenced designing and planning without any doubts about success.

New 2 Storey Vastu Building

There were many challenges as a two storey building has considerably more regulatory requirements than a single level – in particular the provision of fire walls, fire escape stairs, an internal lift and stairs together with strengthening the entire building.

Students in new Classroom

Nevertheless it only took 22 months from the commencement of planning to the completion of construction which included Larry preparing submissions for Government grants. This was a great achievement in the light of the small and dedicated team available to assist. The new upper level consists of 2 large classrooms, an office, a foyer with lift and stairs and an outside balcony on the east side. The new upper level was inaugurated at a special ceremony on 14th July 2013.


With a second storey being added Maharishi Sthapatya Veda recommends the addition of an Entablature which is a decorative item surrounding the building on the external walls between the first and second floors. The entablature has a practical purpose in addition to giving the whole structure an uplifting appearance. The Vedic Pillars on the upper balcony and the lower level entry porch provide an auspicious feeling of strength and grandeur to the front of the building.

Vastu Building Features

The 24 carat gold gilded Kalash located on the original building was given a new stepped platform on the upper level roof and continues to stand in a dignified way connecting Heaven and Earth. The total size of the white picket Vastu fence around the building and the eastern entry position were recalculated to enable the external fire escape stairs to be accommodated within the Vastu area. The new Vastu structure now stands guard to protect the students, staff and facilities and to promote positivity for all aspects of the school. We wish Principal - Frances Clarke, Manager - Suzi Haynes and all students and staff success and enjoyment in the new facility. For more information contact us