School location and plans

1. Merimbula

Merimbula is centrally located between Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

2. Unique Location Now and for the Future - Nature and Facilities

The proposed 30 acre school site is cleared open paddocks and part of a 200 acre property which is available for further expansion of  school facilities if required. The site is 1.5 kms from the suburb of Tura Beach and 8 kms north of Merimbula. It is surrounded by National Park on 3 sides and the Pacific Ocean is 2 kms to the east.

3. Vastu School Site

4. 30 Acre School Site

A Development Application has been approved for 30 acres to be zoned Educational, and for an initial school building for 250 students.

Looking East

Looking West

5. School Masterplan

A draft Masterplan for the 30 acre Educational Zone has been prepared with facilities planned from Pre-School to Senior School.

Development Approval has already been granted for the creation of a 30 acre lot Zoned Educational and Stage 1 of a primary school for 250 students.

6. Primary School

The Primary School building is a large 'U' shape with 7 classrooms, spacious Hall, Library, Staff and Administration rooms, Canteen and facilities. The plan includes generous verandah, covered outdoor areas and open play areas and gardens, with covered walkways connecting to nearby school bus stop and ample car parking for parents and staff.

7. Primary School Plan

8. Primary School 3D