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"Vastu City Planning"

Vastu City Planning Book

Cities, and the buildings of which they are composed, should be structures that nourish and sustain every aspect of human life.

Is this the case today?
If not, how might it be done?

This book answers these critical questions and shows how a city may be built as a holistic structure of Natural Law.
The Institute for Vedic City Planning offers to the world technologies to create communities free from suffering and crime, where life is lived successfully and in happiness.

This book contains the most important information that exists in the field of city planning. It shows us how to build sustainable cities that create a coherent and harmonious influence on their citizens, resulting in reduced crime and greater success, health, wealth, and happiness. It introduces Vastu planning, the world's most ancient and powerful system of planning, which is based in Natural Law.

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in the light of Group theory
Symmetry at the basis of the measurement system

This book describes the principles that underlie the measurement system used in Maharishi Sthapatya Veda in the language of Group theory. The Maharishi Vastu measurement system is based on the square and its eight levels of symmetry. Using the concepts of modern Group theory the author shows the deep principles at the foundation of the measurement system of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda in a new light that explains their logical significance.

Measurements based on Vedic dimensions are vital to Vedic Architecture because they bind its various parts together in harmony.

The second part of the book explains country planning according to natural law in a way that is most practical and beneficial for the population as introduced by the world-renowned Vedic scientist Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Country planning in accordance with natural law outlines the concept of the “brahmasthan” or geographical center of a country, from where a grid based on latitudes and longitudes emerge. This grid forms the basis of Vastu planning for homes, villages, towns, provinces, and the whole country. This allows every country to be planned in accordance with natural law, creating harmony throughout society.

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Barry B. Scherr, Transcendental Meditation Teacher and successful Real Estate Investor, has released a new, eye-opening book called Enlightened Real Estate, which includes a special section by Maharishi Vastu® architect Jonathan Lipman, A.I.A.  

In the midst of major advances in technology, our daily life is bogged down by inconvenience. We are becoming more alert, aware, and connected, yet the environment is lagging behind. We are crowding together in urban environments. Rushing around, battling traffic, eating on the run, and feeling as though there is never enough time, are all symptomatic of an inadequate built environment.

We need a game-changing solution. Enlightened Real Estate challenges the contemporary wisdom as to the purpose of real estate – helping to reestablish the lost connection between inner consciousness and the world around us. The book presents a new way to live and think about the built environment. “It gives a new vision for the potential of real estate to help people improve their daily routine, reduce stress, traffic, and pollution, and ultimately gain the time needed to focus on more meaningful priorities like interpersonal relationships and enlightenment,” says the author. Homes, neighborhoods, and cities can be built to satisfy every imaginable aspect of human need, desire, and luxury, while connecting the inner Self with the richness of daily life. The new asset class to accomplish these goals is the Ideal Village. Enlightened Real Estate is a practical plan to make our homes and communities a crucial element in the greatest development in human history: enlightenment for everyone. Welcome to tomorrow.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit: Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Indiebound, and iBooks. Barry Scherr


barry-scherrBarry B. Scherr is a commercial real estate investor, author, and speaker on human potential and the redefinition of community and the built environment. He is a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Program and a member of the Board of Directors of the David Lynch Foundation. Mr. Scherr was the Founder of the Sundar Corporation, a national commercial real estate sale-leaseback company. As President of Sundar Corporation, he developed a fast-track, multi-property approach to sale-leaseback transactions for top companies, such as Best Buy, PetSmart, Accor, and Ingram Micro. His activities put him at the center of the big box revolution. For the last twenty-five years, he has extensively studied how changing lifestyles and culture are transforming how we live and what we build. Currently, he is actively writing and speaking about the Ideal Village concept, which will revolutionize real estate development worldwide.


jon-lipmanEsteemed Maharishi Vastu architect, Jonathan Lipman, AIA, contributed a comprehensive chapter about how to build Vastu homes and Ideal Villages. Mr. Lipman is North America’s leading practitioner of Maharishi Vastu architecture and urban design. He has been practicing this nourishing system of design since 1996 and has worked on hundreds of Vastu building projects and community plans.