Working in Vastu

"My own experience has been of opening out into much greater lightness, creativity, and positivity. Everything is less of a strain, and I love coming here and being in the new office. Anything seems possible, and I wonder why I saw boundaries before in areas where now I see pure potential. Also, although the business I am in (magazine publishing consulting) is contracting, and times are very difficult for publishers, I have gotten new business inquiries every week since we came here, and have brought on two new accounts."


Employee Experiences at 2000 Tower Oaks Boulevard Office Building, Rockville, MD.

"I feel energized! I am able to concentrate more on my task for the day. The stress of a workday doesn’t get to me like it used to."

"Even though there seems to be more happening here, my concentration is getting better every day!"

"It feels like I get a breath of fresh air when I enter the building. Then I feel calmness as I move around the office space. Even though everyone seems busy, there is no feeling of stress or panic. Just a great all-over feeling."

"Not only am I happier, but my colleagues are noticeably happier since we have moved to these offices. Almost everyone walks around smiling."