Study on the Benefits of Maharishi Vastu

In an extraordinary and unprecedented study, a recent survey has established that 89% of the occupants of Maharishi Vastu homes and communities attribute an improvement in the quality of their lives to living in Vastu homes.

92% report greater success,


78% report that family relations have improved,  80% report an improvement in their mental health, 


85% attribute less stress in their lives data3

 and 88% report that their children are happier. data4

This is the goal of every home owner, architect, and developer, the ultimate asset class – buildings and communities that greatly improve family relations, reduce stress, and improve mental health. Now this can be achieved.

This survey was conducted by Professor Sanford Nidich, Maharishi University of Management, in August of 2017, and was offered to all residents of certified Maharishi Vastu houses and apartments worldwide. Its apartments worldwide. Its results were compiled by Nidich from its 143 respondents. Nidich is co-investigator on several prestigious, major National Institutes of Health grants in the US.